Art Textiles of the World:
Great Britain Vol. 3

Featuring textile artists Caroline Bartlett, Dail Behennah, Pauline Burbidge, Noel Dyrenforth, Jilly Edwards, Susie Freeman, Frances Geesin, Fiona Hutchison, Shizuko Kimura, Norma Starszakowna, Janet Stoyel, Sarah Taylor, and Rosalind Wyatt.

Role: Editor, Writer
Artists’ Statements & Biographies
Editor: Matthew Koumis / Telos Art Publishing
Introduction: Jeremy Theophilus
Publisher: Telos (2007) / website
Images: col 1, upper / by Frances Geesin, lower / by Noel Dyrenforth; col 2, upper and lower /
by Norma Starszakowna; col 3, upper and lower / by Rosalind Wyatt
Finding a Good Fit
The Spirit of Place
Sustainable Design
Notes From Abroad
Art Textiles of the World
Sex, Drugs, & Textile Art
A Handful of Memories
From the Yellow Kitchen
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