"Four Artists: Acts of Passion in Academic and Aesthetic Practice"

AUTO / BIOGRAPHIC PRACTICES (2004) Presentation, Green College Series, UBC

Kate Collie’s painting series are equal parts political purpose and personal pleasure; Yukiko Onley’s photographic eye focuses on both absence and presence; Lucie Lambert’s books of art and poetry advance the French tradition of livre d’artiste; and Rina Pita’s mixed-media prints attempt to make the invisible visible.

Role: Researcher (Presentation & Slideshow)
Artist: Kate Collie / website
Artist: Yukiko Onley / website
Artist: Lucie Lambert / website
Artist: Rina Pita / website
col 1 / Kate Collie, Painter; col 2 / Yukiko Onley, Photographer; col 3 / Lucie Lambert, Publisher; col 4 / Rina Pita, Printmaker; Images: upper row / collages by Sheila Martineau; lower row / works by the four artists, respectively
Acts of Passion
The Secret Life of Cocoons
Staniszkis: metalMorphosis
Lambert: Livres d’artiste
in/sight: Barbara Bourget
in/sight: Jim Hart
in/sight: Arthur Erickson
in/sight: The Art-Act
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